DOMINION has been awarded the Quality Award for the Octene Turnaround 2017 by Dow Chemical.

10 / 10 / 2017

In recognition of their commitment and good quality practices demonstrated during the preparation and execution of the works.

DOMINION is in charge of the Electrical Maintenance contract on the Dow Chemical site in Tarragona. In this type of plants periodical maintenance and fine-tuning actions are carried out. They are known as "turnarounds" since the plant stops its activity in order to carry them out.

They are therefore critical performances where the plant multiplies several times the personnel working in it during a determined period of time.

This implies a great risk, both in terms of job security and quality of services. Efficient work on these "turnarounds" is vital to minimize the economic impact of the maintenance activity itself and non-production.

In this environment DOMINION performs very well, usually surpassing the test with ease. What is not so common is to receive one of the three awards that the client gives to companies that have done their job better.

The DOMINION team, represented by José Manuel Encinas the contract manager and responsible for the “turnaround” , Gil Rodríguez the current zone delegate, and Jesús Rico the previous delegate (during the turnaround) and current Business Development Manager , collected the award thanking DOW for recognition and congratulating the client for the great work of organizing and coordinating a " turnaround " that is always a critical process.