DOMINION completes the commissioning of the Santa Rosa biomass plant in Argentina

30 / 11 / 2020

With a power of 18 megawatts, the plant is equipped with a material pre-treatment unit capable of handling 240,000 tons of forest biomass per year. It will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will have more than 2,000 control points for optimal operation.

The infraestructure aims to improve the energy deficit in the region and promote its economic and industrial development in a sustainable way by giving a second life to the organic waste from its many sawmills.

The plant, which has generated more than 200 local jobs, will make it possible to take advantage of the large amount of sawdust and unusable shoreline from the logging activity which until now was burned in the open air generating great pollution or left abandoned, mitigating its environmental impact.

With this aim, we have developed a turnkey project that included from the design to the commissioning of the infrastructure, as well as the operation and maintenance services that will begin after its inauguration.

A complex project that has had to overcome difficulties such as access complications to the region, ground instability with water only 80cm from the surface or the torrential rains that cause frequent floods and blackouts in the area.

Difficulties that prevented the use of conventional construction methods. Thanks to our knowledge of the sector's processes and the strategic application of technology, at DOMINION we have managed to carry out the project safely thanks to a previous study that served as a basis for taking the measures to be implemented. Among them, the drilling of the land, the alteration of the physiognomy of some components to be transported by road or the execution of large ditches to be able to face the rains.

The biomass plant begins to operate generating a positive economic, social and environmental impact in the region.