DOMINION completes its integrated storage solutions with a new technology for concrete domes

24 / 02 / 2019

Dominion has expanded its design and execution capabilities for industrial projects by integrating a new technology

Thanks to the DOME storage technology, DOMINION expands its offering of integral solutions in this sector and strengthens its position as a multi-technical services and specialized engineering solutions provider.

The DOME structures allow for storage in optimal conditions of security and conservation of all kinds of agri-food products as well as industrial, construction and energy materials. With this new system, which is based on the design and construction of concrete domes, DOMINION can respond to any storage need of its global customers by providing turnkey solutions that include the provision of engineering services, civil engineering, mechanical assembly, supply of equipment, maintenance and also financing.

Thanks to their special features, concrete domes are the most cost-efficient storage solution, which is why it is being widely used. DOMINION incorporates a technology that guarantees the highest level of product conservation, even in extreme external conditions, and facilitates the loading process as well as the access to the material. The geometry of the solution allows the dome to be filled through a small opening located at the top, while the recovery of the material reaches 98% thanks to the use of mechanical and pneumatic systems. The strong reliability and durability of these structures makes them the ideal solution to implement in seismic zones and areas exposed to strong winds, and have a useful life of more than 50 years.

"Thanks to this new technology, at DOMINION we have expanded our service portfolio and we can respond to our customers’ needs by offering the best material storage solution available in the market", explains Guillermo Álvarez, Director of Tall Structures at DOMINION.

DOMINION's dome specialty team is responsible for different construction projects executed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. DOMINION has combined this experience with its knowledge of specialized construction techniques and its international network of resources to offer a complete set of industry solutions to the global market.

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