DOMINION designs and starts up a multipurpose hospital in Barcelona

09 / 10 / 2020

The hospital will have a flexible structure with 3 independent floors and will be able to convert its beds into an ICU in just 24 hours. In the same way, the floors of the building could be adapted to other uses when the sanitary pressure decreases, serving as a laboratory, day hospital or research center.

The project will be developed from scratch in a period of 20 weeks thanks to the innovative design of the building that is characterized by an external metal structure without pillars inside.

In addition, the development of the project will follow the Lean Construction methodology, which allows to maximize the efficiency of the processes by optimizing the activities that add value to the project and minimizing wasted time. It will be designed in BIM (Building Information Modeling) to centralize and view all project information in 3D during the design and execution phase, allowing the external prefabrication of a large part of the equipment.

In this project, in collaboration with the construction company Rubau, DOMINION will be in charge of the commissioning of the hospital, the installation of systems and supplies and the provision of technological infrastructures.

The design of equipment such as mobile turrets, adaptable to the needs of COVID-19 patients, has also been a key part of the proposal for the hospital. Each ICU bed will have its medicinal gas intake points and will have a negative environmental pressure system.

torretas hospital broggi

The project is part of the I-COMPACT COVID model, developed by the Catalan Health Service, which has a global budget of 85 million euros and aims to build five multipurpose hospitals in five of its main health centers.