DOMINION implements the FarmaTools platform for the first time in Ecuador, at the Solca Hospital in Guayaquil

27 / 11 / 2019

The first hospital in Ecuador to use this tool to aid pharmacological treatment for patients.

On 26th November DOMINION presented the implementation of its ground-breaking integrated medication management system FarmaTools at the Solca hospital in Guayaquil, making this the first hospital in Ecuador to use this tool to aid pharmacological treatment for patients.

The launch event for this new tool was attended by over a hundred people, among them managers of the hospital belonging to the anti-cancer body Sociedad de Lucha contra el Cáncer, health authorities and senior representatives of the Ecuadorian government. The president of Solca, José Ramón Jouvín Vernaza, the director of Solca Guayaquil and the head of DOMINION Digital, Juan Antonio Goñi, spoke.

The start-up of this ground-breaking medication management system represents a milestone for the hospital sector in Ecuador, pioneering implementation of this tool, with the security of the highest standards of quality and healthcare safety. Thus the Solca hospital in Guayaquil joins most of the hospitals in the Spanish public healthcare system and the leading hospitals in Latin America in implementing FarmaTools.

FarmaTools is a platform able to meet the full range of needs in terms of clinical management, administration and automation of hospital pharmacy. It features safety tools that help to advance towards "zero risk" in dispensing medication and identifying therapies.

FarmaTools is an integrated solution featuring high-level clinical tools to monitor the use of medication and facilitate management of stores, prescriptions, production of mixtures, cytostatics and all other circuits in the pharmacy.