DOMINION participates in the installation of electric vehicle charging points and positions itself as a technology partner in the sector

31 / 01 / 2019

On CIGRE highlighted the fact that one of the challenges in the energy revolution lies in the implementation of electric vehicles

The world energy sector is clearly preparing for major changes, for example through the implementation of electric vehicles. However, the horizon of this revolution is much wider: the gradual development of energy storage technology will contribute to the evolution of Smart Grids even more, opening up the way for distributed generation of electricity to allow consumers to be an active part of the grid by selling back the energy they generate or store.

This is a similar revolution to the one being seen in the industrial sector, now immersed in Industry 4.0, in which digitalization and cybersecurity are also directly involved. In this case, DOMINION has a long track record of supporting companies as an integrator and a reference technology partner.

Dominion's technological know-how makes it an excellent option as an integrator of the entire value chain, i.e. between the electricity producer and the end user, thanks to its capacity to implement, install, put into service and maintain all the equipment of electricity companies in their distribution networks. “Our added value is that we are a technology company capable of assuming and integrating ourselves in the entire value chain of the process, starting from digitalization or digital transformation to the entry into service and end maintenance of assets” explains Xavier Cuadra, Head of Business Development, Technology Services.

The biggest challenge, however, lies in the area of electric power grids: “When energy storage is standardized, this will give rise to Distributed Generation, in which all consumers can input electric power into the grid. To date, the grid provides energy in one direction, but this new concept will mean that the flow will be bi-directional. The grid will be able to take power from many sources of generation, including consumers when they have a surplus”, Xavier adds.

Major technological changes to existing electric power grids are required to undertake these new challenges. In this respect, DOMINION is positioning itself as a strategic partner for electricity companies, working through the modality of framework contracts for the construction and maintenance of their power grids (in high, medium and low voltage). Once the framework for cooperation is established, DOMINION intervenes in electricity substations -one of the most advanced elements in terms of monitoring and digitalization- and medium-voltage grids, where the level of digitalization is low, and low-voltage grids, particularly in the electric vehicle business and everything else it involves: charging points, storage, dimensioning and adaptation of electrical infrastructure, etc.

DOMINION also works for these companies as an integrating partner, providing digital transformation services to bring about distributed generation or to monitor cybersecurity, among other things.

DOMINION clearly has a key role to play in this transformation, which is why it has begun a process of implementation at national and international level, presenting its know-how and expertise to the sector and offering its services in places where they did not exist before. It sets out to become a reference partner of the main energy producers and to lead this transformation, as shown through its participation in the Technical Seminar of the National Committee of CIGRE, where the main manufacturers, distributors and stakeholders in the field are present.

The seminar enabled DOMINION to present its profile to the main stakeholders in the electric power market as an integrator for the entire value chain, together with its technological know-how and expertise in the provision of multi-technical services.