DOMINION presents a new tool to improve the monitoring of cancer patients in HEALTHINF 2019

21 / 02 / 2019

Dominion has participated in the creation of ONKO, designed to improve the monitoring of the treatment of cancer patients

ONKO is an R&D project based on digital solutions designed by DOMINION in the field of Healthcare Technology; the other partners are Vicomtech and Onkologikoa, a cancer research and treatment institute. This new platform is aimed at the hospital environment, and the presentation of a paper in HEALTHINF titled “ONKOVIS: a co-designed tool to visualise the monitoring of cancer”, will be made by Aurora Sucre of Vicomtech on 24 February.

ONKO is the result of a successful cooperation process in which cancer practitioners have taken part, both medical and nursing personnel, User Experience (UX) technicians and designers and experts in technology development. The project, headed by DOMINION, has come up with a solution that enables the visualisation of heterogeneous data on the state of health of cancer patients over a particular period so that medical practitioners can carry out more detailed and personalised monitoring of their treatment and evolution.

The solution designed by Onkologikoa, Vicomtech and DOMINION has four levels of data aggregation: a general description of the timeline; a view of the treatment cycle with medication; detailed patient results together with their analyses, and analyses of imaging tests. According to José Antonio García, Product Manager of DOMINION, and Carlos Tercero, Healthcare Manager, the results have constituted “a platform that helps the medical practitioner to act with greater precision and speed in the treatment of the illness.” “The monitoring of the evolution of cancer is very complex due to the heterogeneous nature of tumour biology and tolerance to treatment by patients. This tool allows us to personalise the patient's treatment and it improves data capture so that the cancer practitioner can obtain, in a centralised and efficient way, all patient-related information", they conclude.

HEALTHINF 2019 is one of the five conferences that make up BIOSTEC, a wider-ranging forum in which international experts take part with the aim of presenting advances, tools and new developments in Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technology.