DOMINION strengthens its activity in the mining sector with a new maintenance contract in Papua New Guinea

20 / 06 / 2019

Dominion has long-standing experience in the mining and ore processing sector in Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.

This expertise means it can offer an end-to-end multi-technical maintenance service and take part in practically all the phases of the mining process, from extraction to the processing of the ore and casting.

One of these tasks involves the maintenance of industrial linings and, more specifically, of anti-acid linings in the precious metals mining sector. DOMINION's know-how in this field has led to the signing of a new contract with the Australian company Newcrest Mining Limited to carry out this work in the gold refining units of the mine on Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea.

DOMINION has combined this knowledge with its experience in the decentralized management of projects, and its across-the-board nature has enabled it to adapt to the particular circumstances of Papua New Guinea, get to know the logistics and contribute to the transfer of knowledge to local workers through training plans that allow the client to improve the efficiency of its processes.

The contract signed with DOMINION covers the maintenance of the anti-acid linings of the tanks used for the processing of precious metals, a critical process in the gold mining sector. These linings ensure the correct operation of the autoclaves that are used in gold refining, and keeping them in good condition is essential to guarantee the availability and durability of the equipment, as well as increasing the profitability of the sites. 

As it a case of equipment that is subjected to extreme pressure, temperature and corrosion, in-depth knowledge of the technology is vital to carry out its installation and maintenance in a reliable and efficient manner.

The Head of Gas Engineering & Industrial Linings of DOMINION, Iván Fernández, explains that the maintenance of equipment in the precious metals mining sector is a very sensitive issue because any production outages involve high costs: “What the client demands is that the maintenance schedules should be complied with and that the work is done to the highest quality levels, because every time the activity of an autoclave is interrupted the production of gold stops, leading to major financial losses”. This is why the know-how acquired by Dominion in this sector is so important.

“The client needs a specialist company that can guarantee that, following a service or revision, there will no operational problems until the next planned shutdown. That is why specific knowledge of this type of linings is required”, he adds.

This specialization, together with the company's status as a global supplier of multi-technology services and specialised engineering solutions, allows it to set up operations in any country in the world and adapt flexibly to local conditions to help its clients increase the efficiency of their productive processes through knowledge, technology and innovation.