Farmatools presents its benefits in the XVII Congress of Hospital Pharmacy of Argentina

04 / 01 / 2018

The solution designed by Dominion offers high-level tools to manage the use of medication and facilitate its management in the hospital environment.

The introduction of technology and innovation is changing the hospital pharmacy landscape which is essential to the functioning of a medical center; proof of it is FarmaTools, the tool designed by Dominion Digital that facilitates hospital pharmacy management, helps in decision making and improves security in medication use. It was precisely this solution and its benefits that were presented at the XVII Congress of Hospital Pharmacy of Argentina in Ushuaia by Brais Barros, global head of Dominion's Health Solutions.

During the congress, Dr. Norma Armendariz, head of Hospital Pharmacy of the “Sanatorio Español” in Torreon Mexico, explained her experience when implementing Farmatools in the Mexican health center and the benefits offered by a technological solution of this nature. Benefits that are summarized in the "optimization of administrative time, permanent search for zero error and noticeable improvement in the safety of our patients from the point of view of medication", as Norma explained.

The doctor also added that the tool allows them to have "a complete census of all patients in time and form" so that prescriptions are monitored in real time to let chemists analyze the description in order to approve its use. All this allows that "based on a few chemicals, 90% of the hospitalized patients can be covered".

A solution that proves that efficiency is not only beneficial for saving time and costs, but also for improving the quality of health services and thereby, improving the lives of both workers and users.