From automation to deep learning, the last frontier of digital marketing

18 / 06 / 2019

While artificial intelligence was more linked to concepts a un imaginario propio de películas, a día de hoy es una realidad.

Perhaps the first things that come to mind are self-driving cars or factory robots, but the possibilities offered by AI are much greater. Indeed, one of the areas where it is showing the greatest potential is marketing.

First there was Machine Learning, with systems capable of learning for themselves by analyzing large data sets, although the real revolution arrived in the form of Deep Learning. This concept refers to machines that can learn without human intervention, using algorithms with highly complex architectures to process data, and getting close to how the human mind works.

The application of artificial intelligence to the world of digital marketing opens up a wide range of possibilities. The ability to analyze large data sets and take decisions based on them means that consumers' behaviour can be detected, and even predicted. The target audience of a campaign can also be defined much more precisely and corrected in real time. Furthermore, the progress made in virtual conversation assistants has led to a new way of interacting between visitors and customers, improving the user experience while optimizing results at the same time.

“Nowadays, there are many automation solutions applied to marketing, although they continue to need some human intervention to manage them. The new artificial intelligence tools involve total automation and full autonomy, achieving a much more effective personalization of content”.

Agustín Mora

Agustín Mora

| Product Manager

AI is being applied to different areas of the digital world, with specific tools that allow the segmentation of the target audience, optimizing campaigns and sales ratios in the process. Some of the main applications are predictive analysis to anticipate users' needs, the fine-tuning of content to adapt it to each user profile, fully automated programmed purchasing and its application to inbound marketing strategies. Furthermore, the improvement of writing contextualization technologies is enabling the use of chatbots (virtual conversation assistants) in areas such as customer service or sales.

Smart solutions for all the phases of the sales process

Leadera Marketing Solutions of Dominion Digital has extensive experience in the development of artificial intelligence solutions for marketing environments. One of its most successful products is Leadera Optimize, a digital tool that allocates sales opportunities to the best vendors, ensuring the best return on investment in sales actions and achieving more efficient processes.

As Agustín Mora explains, “Optimize captures data, almost in real time, on the behaviour metrics of the vendors in a call center, for example. Based on its algorithms. It allocates the campaign product to the vendor who is achieving the best results, thereby increasing sales performance”. This system is a good example of how the application of AI can optimize sales opportunities in the ‘bottom of the funnel’ phase, i.e. converting consumer interest into a purchase. Optimize has demonstrated a 20% increase in sales performance.

Another marketing automation solution developed by Leadera is Segment, a system particularly aimed at marketing companies or media and advertising agencies that handle a high number of campaigns. This tool is designed to organize, edit and publish sets of commercial landing pages with a high level of personalization, and from a single site. This leads to a more efficient process, shortening times and reducing development costs. “It is a solution that offers complete control of all the landing pages of a campaign, from just one program and from any device", adds Agustín Mora, “as you can speed up the revision and updating processes in a matter of seconds without resorting to the technical department, taking advantage of the opportunity cost of campaigns and improving productivity considerably.” Depending on the sector, it represents a cost reduction of between 40% and 50%.

Made-to-measure tools adapted to each sector

Leadera is also implementing text chatbots in the sales, after-sales and customer service phases. The software is a conversation assistant capable of communicating naturally with visitors, users or customers, and Dominion Digital is starting to apply it in different vertical areas with very good results.

“It can be used in both sales and customer service in a wide variety of applications, for example, to view service-related information or solve a problem. The potential is enormous, and we adapt to users' needs or to any improvements that we detect”.

Agustín Mora

Agustín Mora

| Product Manager

Leadera Marketing Solutions is Dominion's digital ecosystem focused on the Digital Transformation of the Commercial Process (Dominion abbreviation 'TDPC'). This area of Dominion offers tools to optimize all the phases of a company's digital marketing strategy. “We offer standard or made-to-measure solutions, covering the entire sales funnel, and we also advise companies on the solutions applied so that they can achieve higher performance”, explains Agustín Mora. “At present, we are the only company in the market that offers this total solution”.

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