Geographical and technological diversification: DOMINION's estrategy in the area of ​​renewable energies

13 / 06 / 2022

Roberto Tobillas
Our Managing Director, Roberto Tobillas, signs this article published in the Spanish magazine Estrategias de Inversión.

In just a few years, DOMINION has become a benchmark player in the renewable energy sector and has been able to exploit its strengths by detecting opportunities that have allowed it to stand out from other players in the sector. The company integrates in its organization all phases of the value chain of energy generation projects. From the development and processing, engineering, purchases and construction to the operation and maintenance and -thanks to its associate BAS Projects Corporation-, the ownership of assets and long-term exploitation. A model that allows them to stand out from other players due to their 360º strategy, innovative approach, IPP vocation and capacity for both geographical and technological diversification.

DOMINION created its renewable energy area in 2016, the year in which its first project began, the Kaixo Solar Photovoltaic Park in Mexico. Six years later, the company has become one of the benchmark private energy generators in Latin America, with solar, wind and biomass energy projects in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, as well as an important portfolio of projects already under development in the area, and has established itself as a reliable partner capable of playing a leading role in the sustainable energy transition that the region is undergoing.

Next step: the European market

After several years of activity in the Latin American continent, where DOMINION has developed close to 500MW, in 2019 it launched a greenfield photovoltaic project development strategy in Europe, with Spain, Portugal and Italy as the main focus of action. With this strategy, the group seeks to have a portfolio of its own projects on the European continent that guarantees a recurrent construction of between 300 and 500MW per year for the next four or five years. Additionally, the company studies potential acquisitions that can complement and add value to its own project portfolio.

As a result of this development strategy in Europe, DOMINION already has a pipeline of more than 60 projects under development in the territory, with an approximate volume of 3 GWs between the Iberian Peninsula and Italy, a market in which the company has already positioned itself as one of the reference player in a very short time.

The group's strategy on the European continent went through two main phases: the first, during the 2019/2021 period, with the basic premise of generating and developing the portfolio; and the second, from 2022, for the construction and operation of the projects in the long term.

In conclusion, in just a few years the company has managed to confirm itself as a relevant player in the renewable energy sector, consolidating an important portfolio of projects in operation and assets under construction combined with an important backlog of projects under development, managing to diversify in technologies, markets and currencies in recent years. The next challenge facing DOMINION in this field is to optimize the management of its assets and add value to them over time, while continuing the important work of origination, development and construction of new projects in its two main areas of operation (Latin America and Europe).

Article published on June 9th 2022 on Estrategías de Inversión