A history of strong roots in the US industrial market, reinforced by the best international practices

13 / 12 / 2019

DOMINION is one of the best-considered companies worldwide in the design and construction of industrial tall structures in the Us

DOMINION is one of the best-considered companies worldwide in the design and construction of industrial tall structures. In the United States, where it has developed this kind of project for over 50 years, it now provides its clients with its range of capabilities in the field of refractory linings with the aim of taking the best international practices to that market.


DOMINION, a local player in the United States

The US industrial market is one of great maturity and complexity, but despite being one of the biggest markets in the world many international companies have held back regarding setting up operations there. This is not DOMINION’s case; thanks to its acquisition of International Chimney Corp. and Commonwealth Dynamics Inc. it can point to around 140 years of history, industrial experience and know-how in the United States.

At present, the company has over 300 employees across the USA. Its head office is in Buffalo (New York) and its network of branches extends throughout the country: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Chicago, Houston, , Pittsburgh, , Missouri, Connecticut and Washington, to mention just some.


From tall structures to refractory linings

Historically, DOMINION has been a benchmark in the design and construction of tall structures in the USA, and in recent years it has also dismantled more than 30 of these structures. Most of its clients know the company for its activity in this field.

However, DOMINION’s presence in the industrial sector is much more wide-ranging: it is also a world leader in the installation and maintenance of industrial linings and is highly specialized in refractory linings. The company acquired this know-how in the German market, one with a high concentration of heavy industry where this kind of technology has been around for over a hundred years. Thanks to its digital management tools, this technology and experience is also available to US companies.

DOMINION currently has several business operations linked to the refractory linings business. One of them is the Oil&Gas sector, where DOMINION, under a partnership structure with its American and German teams, has completed an engineering and materials supply project for an ATR (Auto Thermal Reactor) for the US firm KBR (Houston); the end user is the company Methanex .

DOMINION is also currently active the Cement and Glass Industries in the US, in New Construction and Shutdowns around the country.


Ravensthorpe Nickel


Other services and solutions for the industrial sector

As well as tall structures and industrial linings, Dominion has other multidisciplinary capabilities applicable to the US industrial sector.

In services, Dominion sets out to be an integrator that centralizes the provision of all the services that a client may outsource. It already works with some of the main international companies on this basis, both operating and maintaining industrial and Powerl Plants and infrastructures.

Furthermore, and always alongside the provision of services, Dominion specializes in solutions with high technological content, in which turnkey solutions for the design and construction of power generation infrastructures stand out. It is currently negotiating a contract in this field that includes the turnkey design supply and construction of a Waste to Energy Power Plant.

This contract is a great example of how all Dominion’s capabilities in the industrial area come together in a single project. Follow this link to see everything we can do for you and your infrastructures in the USA: