Installation and maintenance of electric bus charging stations in Barcelona

26 / 10 / 2021

The city takes another step in the technological and environmental reconversion of its bus lines.

Recently, Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) has awarded DOMINION and Endesa X the installation of several ultra-fast charging stations for the H12 and V15 lines of electric buses as well as their maintenance for the next five years.

A simultaneous charging system to maximize the efficiency of the service 

Each electric charging station consists of a transformation center, two rectifiers with a maximum power of 500 kW each, and the charging points.

The ultra-fast charging by pantograph is carried out from two elements: the loader, a pillar of approximately five meters high, similar to a lamppost, which is installed at the beginning and at the end of the line to take advantage of the stop times of the bus so as not to interfere with the schedules of the route, and on the other hand the pantograph, a retractable mechanical arm located on the roof of the bus that unfolds and attaches to the charger to carry out the load.

At night, with the buses already parked in the garages, and once the service is finished, the vehicles recover 100% of the battery in about two or three hours to be at full capacity the next day.

The lines that will be electrified thanks to the new chargers are among the most used in the Barcelona bus network: on weekdays and under normal conditions, the H12 transports around 25,000 passengers and the V15, around 17,000. 

New electric systems

We provide self-consumption systems, electrical charging systems, Smart Meters and other systems that are involved in the transformation process the energy sector. Our services range from feasibility studies and system design to equipment installation and maintenance.

The purpose of this is to be able to expand our commitment to operating efficiency, energy saving and promoting renewable energy to clients and companies all around the world. Because we believe that a world which moves and consumes in a sustainable way, in which both efficiency and digitalisation prevail, means moving closer to a world that has DOMINION's DNA.