DOMINION is awarded the integral maintenance of Bilbao’s Port container terminal equipment

28 / 11 / 2018

DOMINION has been awarded the contract for the integral maintenance of the equipment and installations of Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao, the concessionary company of the container terminal of the Port of Bilbao. They will be in charge of carrying out the tasks of preventive and corrective maintenance, and the management of faults of the mechanical loading and unloading systems during a period of four years.

DOMINION has more than 40 years of experience in the performance of machinery maintenance work, where they have specialized in the selective application of technology to achieve more efficient processes. This technological knowledge makes them one of the reference partners in the process of digital transformation that are being carried out by industrial companies within the framework of Industry 4.0.

One of the main platforms that DOMINION integrates into its services is the SGS management system. This tool allows planning the maintenance works in a comprehensive manner and implementing continuous improvement plans through the use of Smart Data, the information that extracts and analyzes the performance indicators. It also allows to identify key points in the processes to strategically implement technological improvements.

In the case of the Port of Bilbao, the solution of DOMINION allows to improve the integral maintenance of the cranes of the port, as much in its mechanical section as in the electric slope, the instrumentation, the control and the associated services.

"Our goal is to try to digitize everything that is not labor to eliminate obsolete and unproductive processes and make them more efficient and fluid,"

Pablo Fernández-Cabia

Pablo Fernández-Cabia

| Operational Excellence Manager

DOMINION serves Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao since last September. Noatum's operations include seven container cranes and it is currently immersed in a maritime-terrestrial infrastructure development process to cope with the increase in port traffic. The Port of Bilbao is one of the main ports in the region, has advanced management and handling facilities and moves about 28 million tons of merchandise annually.