ITCL and DOMINION sign a strategic alliance to work together on new technological developments

06 / 03 / 2018

ITCL and DOMINION have signed a strategic alliance for the development of R&D projects.

These projects include the creation of solutions for Industry 4.0 aimed at companies; these solutions include Data Collection, BIG Data infrastructures and Advanced Analytics for Industry 4.0. Within the proposed lines of work, ITCL and DOMINION will also develop technologies for achieving "zero defects" manufacturing within the framework of the connected industry.

 DOMINION, founded in 1999, is a technologic multi-national specialized in multi-technical Services and specialized engineering Solutions, which operates in three main activity areas: Technology and Telecommunications, Industry and Renewable Energy. We apply knowledge on processes, technology, and innovation to achieve efficiency in the business processes of our clients. And we believe in Digitalization as the catalyst and differential value of our business model.

 With a presence in more than 30 countries, more than 1,000 clients and 8,000 employees, we reached a turnover of 745 million euros in 2017. We base our strategy on a unique culture and management model and in an ambitious growth plan.

 ITCL, founded in 1989 and with a multisectoral approach, has its headquarters in Burgos and, as a Technology Centre, has extensive experience in providing technology for solving difficulties in different companies. One of the R&D areas of this center is the Applied Electronics and Artificial Intelligence Research Group, which has extensive experience in research projects for the development of BIG DATA solutions, electronic design, prototyping, EMC certification and currently works for different sectors. ITCL has two more R&D areas dedicated to Simulation and Virtual Reality and Energy Technologies, both develop advanced projects and solutions through different technological applications. ITCL is currently working on projects with various entities and companies at regional, national and international level thanks to various collaborations, technological programmes and European projects.