Let machines do the boring work

19 / 07 / 2019

In all companies there are repetitive tasks that do not add value.Thanks to RPA it is now possible to be carried out by robots.

RPA is a technological tendency based on automating processes within organizations through the use of software robots, i.e. computer programs with artificial intelligence. These solutions are aimed at frequent tasks and are based on objective rules, converting them into workflows so that they can be performed by an application. The automation of processes is being extended to companies in all sectors; it makes them more competitive and enables them to use their human talent in a better way.

The benefits of RPA have been clearly seen in different areas. On one hand, it brings about resource savings thanks to a reduction in tasks done manually, but it also provides a higher level of quality and efficiency because the systems operate 24/7. On the other, they provide greater control at the organizational level and can adapt to regulatory changes very quickly.

They are a turnkey service that allow companies to focus on their core business.

Dominion is aware of the possibilities offered by the robotization of processes and has specialized in the development of end-to-end services that support companies throughout this process. “We offer a service that includes both the strategic part and the implementation and monitoring”, explains Javier Rodríguez, RPA Solution Manager in Dominion Digital. “We help a company to identify processes and generate a route map. Once the strategy has been defined, we extract the processes to develop the solution, implement it and launch it”.

The higher added value provided by Dominion is an in-house methodology called ‘Fast RPA’. The procedure offers a pilot project to companies that wish to undertake the automation of processes and verify the benefits in just a few weeks. Each case is studied individually and the processes are robotized in five phases: consultancy, infrastructure, process development, training and maintenance. This approach speeds up execution times and personalises the process depending on the needs of each client.

“Many solutions have been implemented in the robotization of processes without a prior 'script', and this has meant that projects have been less successful than expected, We have made the model more professional through guidelines that are defined and linked to the business strategy of each company”.

Javier Rodríguez

Javier Rodríguez

| RPA Solution Manager

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Tangible results after one month

Dominion's partner for the technological part is UiPath, a leader in the development of RPA tools. Dominion undertakes everything else, starting with an economic and feasibility analysis to prioritize the processes in which robotization generates greater benefits, and then carrying out all the processes until full implementation. One of the characteristics of Robotic Process Automation is that the development periods are very short and the benefits are obtained very quickly. “Even if the projects are large-scale, we robotize by process and each one can be operational within four weeks”, Dominion Digital's RPA Solution Manager explains, “and this allows you to see the benefits in very short timescales".

Dominion's team recently began the implementation of an RPA strategy in Asepeyo, the first mutual insurance company for work-related accidents to take the decision to undertake an ambitious project for the automation of repetitive tasks within its organization. Through this project, the company will be able to reduce the personnel's workload so that they can focus on what really adds value: providing a good service to users and clients.

“Adopting RPA technologies is a matter of competitiveness, not just at the level of costs but also in terms of human resources and talent, in companies where processes are robotized the level of employee satisfaction is higher because they can dedicate their time to tasks where people can really contribute value”.

Javier Rodríguez

Javier Rodríguez

| RPA Solution Manager