Magneti Marelli has a new machine for the automatic production of control panels

27 / 03 / 2018

The Magneti Marelli factory in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona) has recently welcomed the arrival of the automatic production machine for electronic control panels for automobiles.

The tool, which operates with a single operator (at the loading and unloading station), consists of 16 stations and produces one part every 12 seconds. In addition, it has a total of eight verification/test stations and in the last one a functional test is carried out, so that 100% of the parts that come out to the final customer are fully verified. In addition, the machine has been designed and assembled in 32 weeks and a four-week implementation phase is planned.

"It's the fifth machine we designed and integrated for Magneti Marelli. This is undoubtedly the best proof that we have managed to earn their trust; what leads them to repeat with us is that they know that we design and manufacture machines that take advantage of the latest improvements in the different technologies that are applied (electronics, pneumatics, mechanics, electricity, etc.). We are always looking for a robust and reliable result, ready to work in harsh industrial conditions (they can produce more than 20 million parts) and with a very low level of incidents"

Salvador Marfá

Salvador Marfá

| Automation Unit Manager at DOMINION.

The electronic control panels are units found in today's automobiles and consist of an electronic board encapsulated in an aluminum base box for heat dissipation and with a plastic cover; the unit is hermetically sealed with a sealing material and tested for leak resistance.

DOMINION as a turn-key supplier

This is a 'turnkey' project for the automation of a production line, i.e. the customer specifies the components of the product and the assembly process, what type of test or verification is required at certain points in the production process and determines the cycle time or how often a finished product has to leave (usually in seconds). From this information, DOMINION is responsible for the complete design of the line, selection and purchase of all components (electrical, electronic, pneumatic, mechanical...); and performs all the integration including the programming of PLCs and robots, if any. Finally, a pre-assembly and all the tests are carried out and taken to the customer's factory for final assembly and production.



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