An omnichannel strategy, the essence of Phone House's success

24 / 05 / 2018

The news jumped a few days ago and is that the increase of 221% of ROI (Return on Investment) of Phone House thanks to an omnichannel strategy has put the focus on how to achieve such results with a combination of digital strategies.

If we recently talked about the CRO, now it's time to talk in detail about the Phone House case; part of DOMINION since the end of last year and one of the leaders in the telecommunications sector with more than 500 stores in Spain, sought both to boost online and offline sales and to measure the interactions between both channels. For this, they opted to rely on YouTube as the basis of his branding strategy.

"It is proven that investment in the digital sector is essential to be in the mind of the consumer, but now we take another step: thanks to new technologies focused on omnichannel we can now measure the profitability of our digital campaigns in physical stores"

Miguel Arribas

Miguel Arribas

| Head of E-commerce

In this way, what was sought was to integrate the digital strategy within the overall strategy of the company. Thus, and in collaboration with Google, they accessed the beta of the search engine’s omnichannel, which allows to measure the store visits of search and shopping campaigns. The results were very positive, since it was discovered that, if they invested part of their budget destined to television on YouTube, they would reach the younger population, that is part of the target audience of Phone House.

"The public we are targeting doesn’t differentiate too much digital and face-to-face sales channels. That is why we have to be present and available in all of them so that the customer can choose at all times", says Arribas.

Shocking good results

The result of this change in strategy achieved that in the third quarter of 2017 more than 110,000 store visits were registered, and that, in the fourth, the ROAS was increased by more than 221%.

Phone House is part of DOMINION since the end of 2017, an operation that, aligned with its strategy of innovation and growth, has helped the multinational take advantage to meet the new trends in services for home and people.

"Thanks to new digital processes we can accelerate the goal we have of becoming the leaders in services for people and the home," points out the Head of E-commerce of Phone House.