Phone House stores are being transformed to promote the Smart House range of integrated services

23 / 04 / 2019

Smart House range of personal and home services takes on a greater role in the new store model

This initiative is yet another step forward in offering customers integrated services under the Smart House platform: telecoms services, contracting electricity and gas, shortly, insurance and financial services. At the same time, it boosts the company’s commitment to technology and telecoms products (Fibre, Mobile, TV) that have made it a sector leader, plus the 500,000 products that make up its Marketplace.

The new concept space aims to improve the Customer Experience and facilitate interaction between users and the products that make up the range on offer from the company. From now on, visitors can experience and try out the latest technological developments in the market and receive specialist advice from store personnel, who will give guidance on the best personal services option for the customer’s needs and the purchasing process.

Jaime Pfretzschner, CEO of Phone House, says that this initiative “was necessary and expected, and customers will be pleased to hear about it, as they will not only be able to interact with the large range of products on offer but will also feel more comfortable in the sales areas, in which they need more time and privacy for personal data processing”.

The new store concept is also designed to encourage people to step inside and enjoy the experience, and it will include innovative features from the aesthetic point of view. “The stores will be more welcoming thanks to the warm colours and materials we have chosen and the open entrances that invite people to come in off the street. Basically, it is a simple concept: a cleaner image, an intuitive, easy-to-use store that will provide surprises and novelties which we will gradually present month to month”, explains the CEO of Phone House.

The company, which is part of DOMINION, plans to implement this new concept gradually in its 500+ stores in Spain. For the time being, the first users of this new and revolutionary concept can already try it out in the Tres Aguas (Madrid) and Maquinistas (Barcelona) shopping malls, and very soon in Artea shopping center (Bilbao).