Steelcon completes the assembly of a new metallic chimney in Portugal

15 / 02 / 2018

DOMINION has spent less than one week to install a 100-meter-tall Steel Chimney in the locality of Vila Velha de Ródâo, the last project executed in Portugal. “With a well-studied logistic, the structure has traveled in sections from our warehouse in Denmark to Portugal, minimizing the risks and work to do on site” explains Jesús García Gil, business development manager in Dominion E&C.

The five-parts divided structure arrived at Vila Velha de Ródâo paper plant after several weeks in production in Denmark at the Esbjerg plant in Steelcon, Steel chimney leader in Europe, a company that is part of[ Dominion's E&C Division. The transport was carried out in three phases: first by truck to the port, then by ship to the destination dock, and finally by truck back to the aforementioned plant.

The chimney, with a diameter of 3.3 meters and an interior lining of 3 meters, is located in an environmental enclave on the banks of the River Tajo, so the assembly strategy that has been applied aimed to generate the least possible impact.

“For DOMINION, combining project requirements with respect for the environment is vital, always resulting in an optimization of time for the customer and an improvement of the image in the field. This is not the first time we have worked in Portugal, as we are involved in projects in the country with total regularity, relying on the different business units in our local company. And it is also not the highest metal chimney we have built, although it has represented a major challenge due to all the circumstances associated with it "

Jesús García Gil

Jesús García Gil

| Business Development Manager in Dominion E&C.

Respect for the Environment

For DOMINION, a social responsible company with a vision of continuity in the environments in which it operates, it is essential to respect the environment and people in all its activities; this is why its commitment is evident in the projects it develops and the technologies it applies, such as water and air quality management, energy efficiency or the deployment of meteorological networks, taking care of all the phases of the project until the final installation, and always looking for the highest efficiency in our customers' processes.