Successful organisation of the PREWIN Bilbao 2019 event by DOMINION

12 / 07 / 2019

Operators from 118 energy recovery facilities from 19 countries across Europe met in Bilbao at the biggest sector meeting.

DOMINION successfully organised the thirty-seventh meeting of the European network of operators of energy recovery facilities, PREWIN (which stands for Performance, Reliability and Emissions Reduction in Waste Incinerators) that was held in Bilbao on 4 and 5 June. Agents from more than 118 facilities in 18 different countries took part in the event with the aim of sharing experiences and best practices.

The PREWIN network seeks to drive efficiency in European energy recovery facilities as well as promote the general public’s trust in these plants by minimising environmental emissions. To achieve these aims, this year the event included not only recovery plant operators but also suppliers, repair and maintenance companies, research centres and maintenance and operation managers from all over Europe. In total, more than 150 delegates took part, hosted by DOMINION at this twice-yearly event which followed on from the previous one in Turin (Italy) last year.

The network’s leading operator, Dutchman Robert van Kessel, welcomed delegates at the first session along with the Councillor for Economic Development from Bilbao City Council, Xabier Otxandiano; the general manager of the Bizkaia waste management plant Zabalgarbi, Mikel Huizi; and the head of Gas Engineering & Industrial Linings at Dominion, Iván Fernández.



DOMINION’s Waste to Energy (WtE) division was invited to present the TILE SYSTEM to all the attendees, a system designed to improve the operation and optimisation of energy recovery facilities, biomass briquette fuel plants and circulating fluidized beds (BBF/CFB) in combustion zones. The system generated considerable interest due to its long useful life, speed and safety in installation and because it provides improved technology and plant performance.

DOMINION also revealed the details of its next refractory project in the largest Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant in Europe in Istanbul, Turkey.


Visit to Zabalgarbi, a benchmark of innovation

During the second day of the meeting, delegates took a tour of Bizkaia’s energy recovery plant, Zabalgarbi, as the host facility of the event, which stands out as being a European benchmark in terms of innovation, respect for the environment and energy efficiency.

During the meeting, attendees also had the chance to visit other places of interest in Bizkaia, such as Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, of which DOMINION has been a patron since it first opened.

Dominion is satisfied with the positive outcome of the event and reiterates its commitment to technological innovation in the quest for the maximum possible efficiency in its solutions. In doing so, it places at the service of its more than 1,000 clients the 8,000 industry professionals who make up the company, spread across the 35 countries in which it operates.