Technology at the service of education and collaborative learning

19 / 11 / 2020

If we can learn something about the crisis caused by the pandemic it is the importance of digitization and the ability to be flexible under difficult circumstances. Companies and organizations have already accelerated their transformation processes and they are racing to integrate new technologies. Especially the schools, which had to react quickly to guarantee the access to education for all students.

Some studies show the advantages of digitalizing classrooms in aspects such as the improvement of their comprehension capacity and linguistic communication, the creative use of technology to face problems and the acquisition of fundamental skills in an increasingly disruptive environment.

In addition, the current generation of students, digital natives, is more than accustomed to using new platforms both for their leisure and to interact with other colleagues. Schools have the challenge of establishing a bond with their students and motivating them to learn and to do this, it is necessary to speak in their same language.

Deployment of advanced equipment in more than 500 schools in the Basque Country

At DOMINION we are experts in the implementation of technological solutions in different infrastructures adapted to the specific needs of each case.

Before the end of the year, we will have completed the deployment of more than 3,900 advanced computers in more than 500 schools in the Basque Country. An ambitious project by the Education Department that aims to promote the digital transformation of its classes.

The computers, which integrate AMD processors, will be installed and integrated into the Basque Government network allowing teachers to access all the educational resources available in their classes. They will also be available to the administrative staff, improving and making the management of their processes more efficient.

The project will accelerate the digitization of the educational content and will promote the use of different audiovisual materials in the classroom, making classes more dynamic and increasing the motivation and attention of the students.

The new formats and the availability of all the resources in the digital environment facilitate the possibility of learning from home in a flexible way, adapted to the rhythm of each student. Something that became more important during the pandemic, making students learn to manage their time and tasks with greater autonomy.

Interactive monitors in almost 300 classrooms in the Balearic Islands

At the same time, we are setting up 277 digital classrooms in the Balearic Islands.

DOMINION's turnkey proposal includes the selection, installation and configuration of interactive monitors in the classrooms that give the opportunity to resolve the exercises jointly, promoting a more interactive and collaborative learning.

The 86-inch touch boards allow teachers to share the screens of the students to the class, favoring participation and the debate of the problems raised.

At DOMINION we have deep sector knowledge and extensive experience in the provision and implementation of computer equipment and systems both in the educational environment and in other sectors that are currently undergoing major transformation processes such as hospitals, health and exhibition centers or railway networks.