The future belongs to responsible companies

02 / 05 / 2019

In Dominion, CSR impregnating all the parts of its structure based on shared values.

CSR is no longer just considered a series of solidarity projects carried out by a specific department but a theme that should be at the heart of the business. At least, that is the focus companies that wish to continue to be leaders in the future should have. “Social Responsibility has become a strategic issue”, explains Yago Barandiaran, Head of CSR in Dominion. “It is the way of conducting the company's business taking into account the impact that all its activities have on clients, employees, shareholders, the environment and society in general”. 

This change of focus requires a new mentality throughout the company. In this respect, Dominion has been fostering a corporate culture based on specific values of social responsibility and commitment for several years. This effort is seen in actions such as the preparation of Non-Financial Status Information, Sustainability Reports, the creation of an Ethical Channel, a CSR Committee. a Code of Conduct for employees and managers and, more recently, signing up to the United Nations Global Compact, a commitment aimed at achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The most responsible companies are also the most competitive

Adopting a coherent and cross-cutting CSR strategy is not just a matter of social responsibility, it also provides a competitive advantage to make companies more innovative. A commitment to values internally and externally strengthens a company's reputation and credibility, essential when it comes to attracting and retaining talent because motivation, career development and pride of belonging are values on the rise.

A good CSR strategy is a source of innovation that boosts the development of new products and services. Dialogue with different interest groups, together with the search for solutions linked to sustainability objectives, can drive new lines of business aimed at different market segments.

“When a company adopts this approach, it realises that sooner or later everyone will go in that direction because it is the future”.

Yago Barandiaran

Yago Barandiaran

| Responsable de RSC en Dominion

A set of cross-cutting values

Dominion is a global company with a wide range of activities that are different but complementary all around the world. The key element of the company is a culture of its own based on a set of very demanding values linked to quality and responsibility. The company's activities particularly impact people, so it has been making a major effort in continuous improvement for many years. These values include a commitment to the safety of, respect for and the integrity of people from a wide-ranging perspective. In regard to environmental responsibility, Dominion's activities are not considered to have an impact on the natural environment. Indeed, many of the company's projects are focused on achieving greater efficiency in terms of energy and resources, through projects such as renewable energy facilities, sustainable mobility and the implementation of smart technologies in processes.


Education as the core of social action

As part of this change of perspective, social action projects continue to be important, although they now take place in a wider-ranging framework. With the aim of having a positive impact on society, Dominion's actions are particularly focused on education as a transformational tool. “We are convinced that education is the driver that moves the world and helps societies to progress”, says Dominion’s Head of CSR. “It also involves self-interest because we will need new talents, and investing in them is investing in our future”.

Dominion has a long track record of support for social initiatives within the educational sphere. At local level, the company works with universities and schools/training centres to foster technological vocations and drive youth employment. On the international level, the company has participated in several development aid projects, such as the construction of schools and facilities in New Guinea, Senegal and Haiti or training programmes for adults in Kenya.

“For us, CSR has to do with trust, commitment, ethics and transparency in everything we do, our aim is to become a benchmark in quality, technology and innovation with a paradigm of a company committed to all the territories where it operates”.

Yago Barandiaran

Yago Barandiaran

| Responsable de RSC en Dominion