The realism of being in the clouds

18 / 02 / 2019

Cloud computing services are progressing quickly,, this frantic pace´s led to the revolution known as digital transformation.

“The digital transformation of companies is much more than the application of advanced technologies. It is a change of culture and mentality. It means taking a step forward and involves an in-depth modernization of the infrastructure of companies to enable them to be ready to integrate the technological advances that are taking place at such a dizzy pace”, explains Dominion’s Solution Manager Juan Luis Alarcón.   

Dominion carries out turnkey projects in the field of digital transformation. Within the area of integration and infrastructure, our specialists assist other companies in optimizing the efficiency of their processes and by fostering the internal ‘revolution’ needed to take maximum advantage of the new model being defined by the market: the hybrid cloud.

Often defined as “the best of the two worlds”, the hybrid cloud is a new paradigm that combines the advantages of flexibility, personalization, confidentiality and absolute control of data in the private cloud -which only consists of the organization's IT resources- with savings in costs and maintenance, almost unlimited scalability and a position in the technological forefront that the use of public cloud services involves.

“We are working on the transformation of infrastructures and ICT processes and services of companies to evolve towards the hybrid cloud model”

Juan Luis Alarcón

Juan Luis Alarcón

| Solution Manager

The process of moving towards the application of this paradigm is not exempt from difficulties, however. “In order to adopt it, it is necessary to apply integrated projects that cover all the steps involved in this transformation in all its complexity. It is easy to say, but complicated to carry out. A route needs to be traced, plus standardization and automation that make it possible for companies to get ready to work within the cloud modality. This is the way to construct the scenario that allows you to operate at home in the same way as in the public cloud”, says Mr Alarcón.

In this context, Dominion has developed a turnkey project for the Spanish Rail Infrastructure Administrator (Adif) for the supply and implementation of infrastructures, servers, networks and devices in two strategic data centers located at different places in Madrid and interconnected by fiber optics.

“We have applied the Red Hat open source business software to a Huawei infrastructure. The aim was to enable Adif to work with container technology that allows the introduction of agile methodologies”.

Juan Luis Alarcón

Juan Luis Alarcón

| Solution Manager

In his opinion, this project -awarded in a public tender- involves a change of technological direction for the railway infrastructure company, sets a standard for the integration of services into the cloud and lays the groundwork to deal with the technological challenges of the future.

“The firm is evolving towards the model of cloud-based technology, automation and high-performance storage. It is a very important preliminary step to be able to integrate new and emerging advanced applications. For example, if new rail traffic control applications are developed that are more advanced than those available at present the company is ready to incorporate them”, Alarcón adds.

Basically, Dominion has placed its know-how in the design, development and application of digital services at the service of a project that aligns perfectly with one of its maximum: go for innovation models based on open and collaborative standards to help companies adopt open source business technologies.

Being up in the clouds has never been so realistic.