We talk about ESG Strategies in the event organized by El Economista

01 / 03 / 2022

On February 28, we attended the business conference "ESG Strategies: The crucial role of financial management", organized by the newspaper El Economista.

Our Risk & Compliance and Sustainability Director, Yago Barandiaran, participated in the panel moderated by Joaquín Gómez, Deputy Director of El Economista. He was accompanied by Fernando Costi, financial director of Atresmedia; Joaquín Huesca, Iberia Financials Lead at Workday; Lucas Bobes, Group Environmental Officer & Head of ESG Reporting at Amadeus; and Fernando Ramírez, director of MERLIN Properties.

All companies have incorporated ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance) in the development of their activity. Something that has only increased in recent years due to stakeholders' concern about the environmental and social impact of companies and sustainability.

Throughout the debate, everyone agreed on the importance of reporting this activity and claimed that it should be done in a practical and "understandable" way. They concluded that, contrary to what happens with financial information, we are still far from being able to homogenize how this type of information is measured and transferred, with the difficulties that this entails for companies when preparing their reports and messages.

Although there are more and more sustainability ratings that try to unify criteria to rate the performance, for the participants it is important to take into account the particularities of each sector. Not all companies can be compared because of the huge differences in their activity. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the data within each context and it is preferable to focus on how they evolve and how they advance in achieving their ESG objectives, rather than on absolute values.

On many occasions we also have to explain it to our stakeholders so that they understand the company, our purpose and objectives: "Analysts and investors have to know us and know the path we want to follow", assured Yago Barandiaran.

For Barandiaran, "the ESG history of DOMINION is being, doing and communicating". Our strategy is based on reducing our impact but also on helping our clients to be more efficient and sustainable through our activity. And all of this is accompanied by a transparent, close and relevant communication for our stakeholders.