Our proposal for the digitalization and centralisation of services is available to all households and individuals.

Dominion Global

Smart House

At DOMINION we strive to be your One Stop Shop company for service distribution and management. To this end, we have created the Smart House multi-channel platform and we have a network with over 400 retail outlets via which we can give our clients with direct one-on-one attention. We are committed to a simple and efficient model to provide a comprehensive display and control of all household expenses.


Technology and services distribution for the household

Maintenance and repair services for both businesses and the household

Your maintenance team is just a click away_

FAMAEX is the first integral B2B&B2C maintenance and repair service platform in Spain. We offer you a digital platform that connects companies with suppliers and specialist technicians so that any problem can be resolved efficiently: plumbing, air conditioning, electricity, locks, glassware, specialist cleaning and much more.

Marketing electricity, gas, mobile, fiber, insurance and other services for the household

We focus on the residential market and SMEs, offering them a wide range of services through various commercial brands. We already have over 200,000 unique clients. Our goal is to provide electricity, gas, mobile, fiber, insurance, alarms and other household services in a unique way, focusing on simplicity, transparency and proximity to our clients.

The 4Ds, at the core of our business model

All our business activities are underpinned by Digitalization, Diversification, Decentralisation and Financial Discipline, in order to deliver the most advanced, reliable and closest service to our customers.

  • Digitalisation
  • Diversification
  • Decentralisation
  • Financial discipline

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