Environment Services

Integral industrial cleaning, treatment and waste transport services.

Environment Services
Dominion Global

We have amassed more than 20 years of experience providing environmental cleaning services for all kinds of industrial companies and businesses (refineries, the chemical and petrochemical industry).

Our offer is complemented with other services (facilities, assemblies, shutdowns, O&M...) so as to provide a complete and centralised solution which will maximize the efficiency of our clients' processes.

We have proprietary equipment to perform all activities and this is all carried out following our commitment to safety, quality and ORP and with our team's experience and with cutting-edge technology used for all our operations.

Hydromechanical Cleaning and Tube Bundle Extraction

Our cleaning activities are performed using mixed suction/pumping equipment which can achieve pressures of up to 3000 bars.. We use state-of-the-art technology for extraction, semi-automatic internal and external cleaning and for inserting tube bundles into casings. The cleaning equipment used is supported by using mechanical tube bundle extraction and automated equipment cleaning robots which reduce any risks involved when handling high pressure hoses. The latter two activities are especially performed during industrial plant shutdowns as a general rule.

Sludge Centrifuging

We design, install and operate mobile plants to treat oily effluents (treatment, centrifuging and stage separation) with the process sludge being treated by means of separation in stages using a physical-chemical treatment.

Automatic Tank Cleaning


We remove sediment, perform automatic tank cleaning and maintain crude oil and fuel oil storage tanks, manage and/or recover hydrocarbons, recover sludge and perform the automatic cleaning of high capacity crude oil tanks with a product recovery process performed inside the tank using 'no man entry' technology.

Catalyst Removal and Handling


We remove, screen and add catalysts in breathable atmospheres as well as in nitrogen and perform internal inspections on the catalysts. We also include catalyst handling which involves the addition or removal of reactors as per the client's requirements.


The 4Ds, at the core of our business model

All our business activities are underpinned by Digitalization, Diversification, Decentralisation and Financial Discipline, in order to deliver the most advanced, reliable and closest service to our customers.

  • Digitalisation
  • Diversification
  • Decentralisation
  • Financial discipline

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