Test, special and annealing furnaces

Keeping fire firmly under control

Test, special and annealing furnaces
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The DOMINION expert know-how qualifies us to develop complete test furnaces (Brandprüfofen) for investigating the fire behavior of building materials and components according to all of the usual standards.

Research institutes for fire resistance and certification of building materials and even federal institutes for materials research and testing rely on our expertise.

We plan and deliver turn-key solutions to customers around the world.

Each plant is customized to meet the specific requirements of the individual customer and the ambient conditions. Generally, our plants comply with the requirements of EN 1363-1, however, other worldwide standards can also be met on request. Our competence is your solution.

Our control and automation system is designed so that operation and control of the plant can be accomplished by any skilled operator within a short time frame. Furthermore, relevant data can be recorded and analyzed either locally or at a remote place.



Our range of products and services include, among others:

Test furnace/Fire room installations

Engineering at thermoprocessing installations

Annealing furnaces

Test furnace/Fire room installations

We plan, design, deliver and assemble customized turnkey installations:

  • Test furnace body
  • Oil or gas fired flame impingement devices for tracing the temperature curves 
  • Flue gas discharge system with flue gas purification systems 
  • Pressure, temperature, control, measuring and regulating system for conducting tests

Range of furnaces:

  • Wall test furnaces
  • Ceiling test furnaces
  • Combination furnaces for ceiling and wall tests
  • Chamber test furnaces
  • Small-scale test stands

furnaces dominion

Engineering at thermoprocessing installations

Our range of services includes:

  • Advice on reducing operating costs.
  • Assessment of needs for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.
  • Conception of burner and regulating installations.
  • Realization of exhaust gas analyses up to 1,600º C.
  • Drying and annealing of industrial furnaces.

Annealing furnaces

Examples of industrial applications:

  • Automotive industry and its sub-suppliers
  • Heat treatment shops
  • Manufacturers of powder metal components
  • Fittings, hydraulics, pneumatics etc.
  • Medical engineering
  • Precision engineering components
  • Electrical engineering
  • Aluminum industry

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