Digital Energy

The Industry 4.0 solution for the monitoring, analysis and control of energy consumption.

Digital Energy
Dominion Global

Real-time consumption monitoring

Measuring and controlling energy consumption is one of the main challenges companies face at their production plants.

Our Digital Energy integral solution allows you to monitor, analyse and control electricity, water and gas consumption in real time so as to speed up decision-making and improve energy efficiency.


How we do it:

  • Hardware: we design, prepare and implement the physical systems required for data collection purposes.
  • Software: we incorporate an interactive management platform to display and control energy consumption in real time.
  • Operation and maintenance: we manage the solution, monitor and analyse data and implement the improvements that are identified by the platform.

energy efficiency dominion


  • Cost reduction: know where and when more energy is consumed so as to to minimise the energy cost of the different production units.
  • Environmental commitment:we help you meet standard ISO 50001 to bring your organisation in line with global emission reduction goals.
  • Greater flexibility: the solution is integrated with other existing information systems (MES, ERP, CMMS, etc.) allowing for simultaneous control of energy consumption and other production processes.

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