Industrial Data

Advanced data analysis technology for improved industrial organisation production and business processes.

Industrial Data
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Welcome to Industry 4.0

We provide digital tools such as Smart Data, Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve as a catalyst for your business' digital transformation and and to improve your competitiveness.

We have developed specific integral solutions for Industry 4.0 which address the need to digitalise the 3 key processes performed by industrial companies:

industrial data

  • Advanced maintenance and troubleshooting (AM&T):a natural-language analysis (NPL) and Machine Learning based solution. Applying this to the most critical equipment in the production chain, minimises incidents that can result in unplanned downtime.
  • Warehouse optimisation: this is a solution for standardising the warehouse references catalogue, defining obsolescence matrices and the use of materials to streamline the purchasing process.
  • Manufacturing analysis: this is a complete solution for the collection, communication, storage and analysis of industrial production data to control indicators (KPI) and make operation decisions in real time.

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