Ethical framework and corruption prevention

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Ethical framework and corruption prevention
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Our integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation values are the foundation of our identity as an exemplary and honourable international company which is committed peoples' welfare and to building a better future.


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Ethical Framework: following the best practices

DOMINION's business is governed by in-house rules of conduct which are based on our values, commitments and principles. The Code of Conduct is one of the most important of these. This is a conduct guide for everyone within the group (members of the board, directors, employees and workers from all companies). It establishes the guidelines to be followed when performing our work.

We have a Whistleblower Channel as a pipeline for notifications and/or reports relating to unlawful conducts or activities resulting from any failure to observe the ethical principles and rules set out in the "Code of Conduct" or in its in-house standards. When the channel receives any reports of possible non-compliance, this is conveyed to the Company's bodies which are in charge of handling these reports and conducting the appropriate investigations. The whistleblowing channel operates according to regulations that guarantee that complaints can be made in a personal or anonymous manner, ensuring the confidentiality of the complainant at all times.



Our Ethical Framework consists of various in-house standards and protocols. These policies govern relations with the different stakeholders and form a guide for our own actions that extend beyond strict compliance with current legislation. The Compliance Department develops and updates in-house policies and procedures. 

This culture of compliance includes our obligation to prevent or reduce criminal cases that the Company must face. To this regard, we have drawn up a Criminal Prevention Manual. Accordingly, this confirms our administrative bodies' strong commitment to promoting and maintaining a culture that respects ethical regulations and standards.

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Anti-corruption policy 

Both in our relations with the Administration, and those we enjoy with other companies and institutions, we forbid any conduct or practice of corruption, bribery or influence peddling in relation to customers, suppliers, trading partners and civil servants or public, national or international institutions.

To this end we have our Anti-corruption and Fraud Policy which establishes the guiding principles for the conduct of all of the staff working for DOMINION together with our Code of Conduct. To raise awareness of these commitments among our team, we have developed a set of training and disclosure initiatives.