Governance and Ethical Management

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Governance and Ethical Management
Dominion Global

Our values of integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation are core to our identity as a global company that is exemplary, trustworthy and committed to the wellbeing of people and to building a better future.


Ethical Framework: following best practices

DOMINION's business activity is governed by internal rules of conduct, inspired by our values, commitments and principles, being the Code of Conduct the most relevant. This establishes the guidelines to be followed by all the people who form part of DOMINION (board members, directors, employees and workers at all our companies) when performing their work.

We have a whistleblowing channel for the reception of notifications and/or complaints related to unlawful conduct or activities resulted from any failure to observe the ethical principles and rules set out in the Code of Conduct.

Any complaints can be made anonymously, in all cases guaranteeing confidentiality and no retaliation.



Our Ethical Framework is completed with different internal policies and procedures, among which the compliance and anti-corruption policies have a prominent place.

Within the framework of this compliance culture, we are forced to prevent and mitigate the criminal risks faced by the company, and to this end we have drawn up a Criminal Prevention Manual that helps us in a permanent effort to review risks, controls and mitigation measures, as well as training and communication.


Strategy Integration

Risk Management Integration

Strategy Integration

In 2019, we presented the new 2019-2023 Strategic Plan for the purpose of setting ourselves new challenges following completing those of the previous plan. It was also directed at adapting the Company to the significant changes in scope and to an extension of the area of activities. Added to all this is the growing confirmation that the disruptive framework is becoming increasingly more variable, fast-moving and ubiquitous, leading to the need to constantly review our business model and the objectives proposed.

The new Strategic Plan also addresses the need to progress to a new type of company in order to adapt to the different stakeholders.

Part of this framework is our ESG-sustainability strategy, which combines impact minimisation goals with the determination to make DOMINION an increasingly important player in the area of Sustainability, helping our customers to become more sustainable and efficient.

This strategy also lays down the type of company that we strive to be for DOMINION’s employees, as well as the type of relations to maintain with the community, placing emphasis on educational development.

Risk Management Integration

DOMINION is exposed to different risks inherent in the markets, countries and activities in which we operate. These include environmental, social and governance risks.

The first step to prevent the materialisation of such risks is to identify and evaluate the factors that could affect our activity. An analysis of their impact and the probability of occurrence serves to determine the risk severity level and its position on the risk map. This is a process supervised by the Audit and Compliance Committee.

The acceptable risk levels are updated periodically, in line with the variations in corporate strategy, the business risk profile and any circumstances that may arise.

Our good governance practices are directed at preserving our stakeholders interests in the long-term and guaranteeing the sustainability of the group. At DOMINION we abide by the regulations that are applicable to companies listed on the spanish stock exchange, as well as the good corporate governance practices defined by the regulators.


At DOMINION we follow the best good corporate governance practices: we have a diverse Board of Governors, primarily formed by independent directors and supported by a number of specialist committees, including the Sustainability committee. Our directors have extensive and varied qualifications and experience, which is strengthened with training and regular evaluations.

Anti-corruption policy

Both in our relations with the Administration and in our relations with other companies and institutions, we expressly forbid any conduct or practice of corruption, bribery or influence trafficking in relation to customers, suppliers, trading partners and civil servants or public, national or international institutions.

We therefore have an Anti-corruption Policy in place which establishes the principles that should guide the conduct of all of us who are part of DOMINION. This is fully in line with the Code of Conduct and other related policies such as the gift policy.

Good tax practices

Our activity contributes to the economic growth of the communities in which we operate through the payment of taxes and local procurement agreements. Our Code of Conduct and Tax Policy emphasise the importance of compliance with tax obligations, in accordance with the legislation in force, and explicitly prohibit the avoidance of payments or the obtaining of undue profit to the detriment of the Tax Authorities or Social Security.