Marketing automation strategies

We develop marketing automation strategies that integrate every single digital marketing service in a unique platform with the objective of optimising our clients’ projects.

Marketing automation strategies
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What is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is an innovative work methodology that allows a more effective and efficient management of digital marketing strategies through the use of software.


Thanks to the use of this methodology, we help your company to reach your audience in a more effective and personalized way, establishing face-to-face conversations with your audience and doing an in-depth monitoring of your digital marketing strategy.


Our unique value proposition is to work with a 360 strategy and establish a continuous improvement system to get the most out of HubSpot's technology and integrated digital marketing services.




  • Our strategies allow having the control of every marketing actions as we integrate all of them on a single automation platform.
  • We manage our clients’ marketing and sales plan creating a continuous improvement system, with the focus on the achievement of KPIs and specific goals.
  • We are specialized and certified in the Inbound methodology, focusing in automated marketing strategies. We are Gold Partner in HubSpot.
  • All of our projects are managed by a team of specialists in marketing and digital transformation.

The advantages of integrate an automation marketing software

Automation marketing software allow companies to optimize their lead generation processes, increase the efficiency of their sales team and improve cross-departmental collaboration.


Its main advantage is its ability to integrate and automate different aspects of digital marketing, which saves time and resources. It allows you to create personalized email marketing campaigns, design web pages and contact forms, and manage social media, all on a single platform. Sales teams also benefit from this technology, as they can access detailed information about potential customers.


Another key benefit is its ability to generate real-time reports and metrics. This allows marketing, sales and operations teams to have a complete view of their campaign performance and make informed decisions on how to improve their results.

  • Lead to customer conversion rate
    Allows you to track the customer's journey from lead to customer. Thus, bottlenecks in the sales process can be identified and the conversion rate can be optimized.
  • ROI of marketing campaigns
    Facilitates the calculation of the ROI of marketing campaigns, which helps to determine which campaigns work best and improve the performance of less effective actions.
  • Email open rate
    Analyzes the performance of email marketing campaigns, facilitating the optimization of each email to improve the conversion rate.
  • Sales cycle time
    Provides data for the entire sales cycle, allowing us to know the time it takes for a customer to convert and improve the sales process.
  • Customer retention rate
    Tracks customer retention rate, helping you identify customers who are at risk of churning and take action to build customer loyalty.


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