DOMINION: 20 years using technology to improve businesses' efficiency

04 / 10 / 2019

The Basque group launches an invitation to join in its 20th anniversary with an interactive website

Dominion enters its 21st year of life as a global company with a presence in 35 countries, a workforce of over 8,000 professionals and a turnover of more than a thousand million euros.

What started out in 1999 as a company focused on the technology sector has evolved and is today working to become a major B2B2C service platform whose value proposition lies in the use of technology to generate greater efficiency in all business processes.

The group's financial turnover last year broke the billion euro barrier and it has set itself the goal of doubling its net profit over the next four years. This is part of its new 2019-2022 strategic plan.

"DOMINION will carry on with its current rapid growth to become a landmark company providing full-spectrum services, both B2B and B2C"

Mikel Barandiaran

Mikel Barandiaran


20 years of life, 20 disruptive stories

Among other initiatives to celebrate its anniversary, DOMINION has designed the interactive website 20 years, 20 stories. A website featuring major events from contemporary history together with the important milestones that have marked the company. "We are a different kind of company, one where how we do things matters more than what we do," stresses Barandiaran.

Alongside the introduction of the euro, the launch of Facebook or the first heart transplant, DOMINION has managed to take advantage of technology to efficiently take on projects like the expansion of the Bilbao Metro, the roll-out of fibre-optic throughout Spain, the building of the biggest military hospital in Chile and the start-up of the biggest solar power plant in Mexico in the middle of the desert.

Along the way, DOMINION has also brought into the group centenarian firms like Beroa-Karrena in industrial services and Phone House, to start up pioneering projects like Smart House, now a reality in hiring a full range of personal and household services through a single platform. 2016 was also a landmark year, with its successful share flotation.


New strategic plan to consolidate growth

The 20th anniversary also coincides with the launch of the new 2019-22 strategic plan, the second since the firm's flotation, the main aim of which is to double its net profits. "Our basic projects are the industrial One-Stop Shop and end-to-end solutions in the B2B area and Smart House in B2C, resulting in a strategic plan with the primary goal of doubling net profits in the next four years," states Barandiaran.

An essential part of this strategic plan is the Smart House project, a pioneering platform in bringing together a full range of personal and household services. One of the most important components of this initiative is marketing energy and gas through the firm Alterna, which is yielding good results and ended its first year of existence with over 70,000 active clients.