DOMINION strengthens its commitment to equal opportunities by signing up to the European Diversity Charter

18 / 12 / 2019

A code of conduct in which the signatories undertake to respect social differences

DOMINION has taken another step forward in its commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace by signing up to the European Diversity Charter, a code of conduct in which the signatories undertake to respect social differences and implement specific policies in favour of a prejudice-free working environment.

The company’s adherence to the European Charter, signed by Corporate Director of Human Resources Carmen Gómez Mayor on 11 December, complements DOMINION’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, principles that are part of its DNA and are included in its Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Through these, DOMINION explicitly undertakes to foster the personal and professional development of all the company’s employees, and to maintain a working environment free of any kind of discrimination.

By signing this document, DOMINION assumes the guidelines of the European Diversity Charter together with another 17 Spanish companies, and joins the 10,000+ business organizations across the continent that are committed to the application of its decalogue of principles. Among these, an explicit commitment to sensitize employees in line with the values of equal opportunities and respect for diversity; firm efforts to create a diverse workforce from the points of view of sexual orientation, race, nationality, disability, age, etc.; the defence of work-life balance; recognition of the diversity of clients, and educational work around these principles with company employees, suppliers, public administrations, business organizations, trade unions and other stakeholders. DOMINION also commits to highlighting activities in support of non-discrimination -and their results- in its Annual Report.

DOMINION’s signature of the Charter took place during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Fundación para la Diversidad, an organization that promotes the management of diversity as an instrument of cultural transformation to encourage inclusive workplace environments, drive social progress and boost economic competitiveness.

Among the latest signatories of the European Diversity Charter, as well as DOMINION, are companies such as Correos, Adidas España, Carrefour España and Nationale-Nederlanden.