DOMINION becomes the first ‘non-Ibex’ company to enter the Eco10 Stoxx Index

06 / 09 / 2021

DOMINION will join the Eco10 Stoxx Index with the ten most valued companies to invest on the Spanish stock exchange.

The index, created by El Economista -with the collaboration of 50 analysis firms and calculated by Stoxx- will also incorporate Inditex, Cellnex Telecom and Almirall. 

This way, we have become the first company outside the Ibex 35 to be part of the index in its 15-year history. El Economista highlights how we currently have one of the best purchase recommendations among all listed companies, as well as our ability to meet the objectives of our Strategic Plan.

After the results obtained in the first half (with two record quarters), we continue to improve our forecasts for this year, with double-digit sales growth and an increase of more than 10% in our EBITDA and 25% in our net profit compared to 2019.

Thus, the composition of the index will be made up of the following ten companies: Repsol, Inditex, Grifols, ArcelorMittal, Amadeus, IAG, Almirall, Cellnex Telecom, Banco Santander and DOMINION.

Year to date, the Eco10 beats the Ibex by 1.3 profitability points, which rose 10% in the same period. Likewise, the index has obtained a better performance since its creation in 2006.