DOMINION holds its first Shareholders’ Meeting at the Euskalduna Conference Centre

04 / 05 / 2017

After DOMINION’s first year as a listed company, it holds its first Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Euskalduna Congress Centre was the venue where DOMINION’s Shareholders’ Meeting took place the 3rd of May. DOMINION´s president Anton Pradera and the CEO Mikel Barandiaran with Jose Ramón Berecibar, Secretary of the Board, presented the meeting.

The meeting started with a speech from its president, in that speech it was highlighted the fulfillment of all the commitments acquired by DOMINION, as well as the importance of the “DOMINION Culture”.

The CEO of DOMINION continued the meeting with a review of the highlights and results of 2016 and the publication of the financial results for Q1 2017. These results indicate that it has been a good start of 2017. A period in which the company has worked in the consolidation of the acquisitions, in the operative optimization of the existing contracts and in which new projects and contracts have been added.

At last, the legal requirements were met and the whole meeting’s agenda was voted and approved by the shareholders.