DOMINION is about to close its best year with a 20% growth above pre-pandemic levels

27 / 10 / 2021

DOMINION has presented the results of these first nine months of the year, reaching a net profit of € 30 million and consolidating 2021 as a record year for the company.

The business recovery, that already began in the last quarter of 2020, is taking place at a higher rate than the one set on the Strategic Plan. Sales grew organically 23% compared to 2020 and almost 20% compared to the months prior to the health crisis. It is the highest level of growth recorded by the company in its entire history, achieving a turnover of €752M in this period.

Other indicators confirm the strength of business profitability and the recovery of the operating leverage with EBITDA of €81M, up 12%, and EBIT (or net operating income) of €45M, 21% more than in 2019. 

All its business segments grow above the historical average

The recovery and growth of its B2B Services segment, one of the most affected by the global lockdown measures, was particularly noteworthy, with a 30% increase in sales compared to the first nine months last year. Sales spurred especially by new contracts in the Energy and Industry areas.

The continued growth of the B2B Projects segment, which exceeds a turnover of € 200M in this period, is also remarkable and it is driven, among others, by the executions of its renewable energy area.

The company will soon complete the commissioning of a wind farm in Mexico, continues the execution of a photovoltaic park in the Dominican Republic and has already closed projects in Latin America and Europe that will begin in the coming months.

DOMINION will redeem 5% of its capital, acquired in its first share buy-back program

Recently, the company has completed its first share buy-back program and will amortize the 8.5 million shares acquired, which are equivalent to 5% of its capital.

The amortization of these shares is intended to be an additional remuneration for the shareholder, together with the achievement of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan - which intends to double the net profit of the company -, and the distribution of an estimated dividend of more than 60 million euros in this period.

In line with the company's objective of continuing to create value for its shareholders, and considering the current valuation as favorable, DOMINION will launch a new share buy-back program to acquire an additional 5%, an operation approved in the Annual General Meeting last April.