DOMINION joins the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Program

20 / 02 / 2023

A voluntary program aimed at improving awareness and promoting best practices to support companies from the plastics value chain in the implementation of the necessary pellet loss prevention measures.

DOMINION has joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), an international program designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules (pellets, flakes and powders) during handling by the various entities in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment.

We will be an OCS Program Partner, strive towards "Zero Pellet Loss" and make changes to:

  1. Improve our worksite(s) set-up to prevent and address spills.
  2. Create and publish internal procedures to achieve "zero pellet loss" goals.
  3. Provide employee training and accountability for spill prevention, containment, clean-up and disposal.
  4. Audit our performance regularly.
  5. Comply with all applicable local and national regulations governing pellet containment.
  6. Encourage our partners (contractors, transporters, etc.) to pursue the same objectives.

Our team is already applying these measures, with some of our clients in Spain, training our colleagues and creating procedures to achieve the "zero pellet loss" goal as well as setting of indicators to measure and evaluate our activity.