DOMINION takes part in the Employment Fair 2017 in Mexico DF

22 / 05 / 2017

IPN offers 4,500 jobs to students and general public in the Employment and Social Service 2017.

The IPN or National Polytechnic Institute is one of the most important universities in Mexico and Latin America because of its high academic level and its 178,492 students on areas like administration, science, Engineering or new technologies..

The fair takes place annually and this edition more than 4,000 job vacancy were posted through more the 122 companies.

DOMINION took part in the IPN Employment Fair attending more than 1,000 people interested in Dominion offers, more than 500 CV where recollected.

For DOMINION it is important to participate in these kind of events because it makes the company to have contact with recently graduated students from different careers and attract talent for the DOMINION project.

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