Environmental Services to reduce emissions

04 / 03 / 2024

At DOMINION we have our own degassing equipment, a solution that allows us to reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The degassing technique can be used mainly in storage tanks for petroleum products, products from petrochemical plants and port terminals, as well as in other manufacturing plants where the materials used can release toxic gases during processing or storage.

At DOMINION we are the only company with our own degassing equipment in Spain. Mobile units that allow the internal combustion of gases emitted in industrial processes to be carried out safely, considerably reducing emissions of compounds harmful to the environment and health.

“By applying degassing methods, industries can minimize their environmental impact and advance their decarbonization objectives and climate change mitigation,” says Daniel Robles Pujals, head of DOMINION's Environmental Services area in Tarragona.

In addition, degassing also allows odors to be eliminated, improving the quality of life and coexistence in the towns where these industries are located. Its effective implementation also allows companies to comply with the most demanding environmental regulations and legislation, as well as improve the safety conditions of the equipment.

Comprehensive offer of Environmental Services

DOMINION is committed to sustainability and advances in its objective of having practically all of its activity in accordance with the European taxonomy. From our environmental services area we develop solutions that allow us to accompany our clients to face the global environmental challenges.

In the petrochemical industry we also have an automatic tank cleaning system that allows us to carry out cleaning in half the time without requiring personnel access to confined spaces. In addition, we contribute significantly to the circular economy by recovering up to 98% of hydrocarbons.

Another of our areas of activity is the management of industrial waste. Our objective is to be present in the entire value chain of waste management, such as water and sludge with hydrocarbons, ensuring at all times their traceability from collection to transportation and final treatment, favoring the circular economy and reduction of the carbon footprint of companies.