Mobile degassing units

Dominion Global

We are experts in the mobile combustion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants and can therefore ensure a safe and emission-free degassing process.


Our services and equipment play a fundamental role in reducing our customers' emissions, helping them to attain  fulfillment of the most stringent environmental standards and legislation.


 Our mobile units have been designed to perform internal combustion without visible flames. This eliminates odours and hazardous gases, thereby allowing industrial companies to fulfill environmental standards and legislation on emissions.


 We provide service to companies in the petrochemical and gas industries across the world. We specialize in degassing all kinds of process plants, storage tanks, reservoirs, containers, pipelines in the emptying, cleaning, or loading phases, and other units needing degassing.


We perform turnkey degassing and resolve on behalf of the customer all the administrative procedures required for the installation of combustion equipment.

Applications of our degassing equipment


Our Environmental Services Unit has the know-how and the appropriate technical equipment for virtually any application of clean process gas combustion.

  • Emission and odour control

  • Oil pipeline degassing

  • Replacement of gas/ steam recovery or elimination units

  • Landfill gas elimination

  • Compressor station and pipeline degassing and cleaning

  • Elimination of gases









  • Hydrocarbon tank degassing

  • Sphere degassing

  • Degassing of tank loading and unloading facilities, tanker wagons, and tanker lorries

  • Line degassing and cleaning

  • Degassing in the chemical industry

  • Emergency interventions

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Our equipment


We are equipped with mobile high-temperature gas flare-HTV degassing units with high combustion capacity.These units have combustion outputs ranging from 5 MW to 10 MMBTU per hour depending on the equipment.


All our units are trailer-mounted or containerized. Their installation and start-up are therefore very quick, flexible, and easy to move and install. Said units are equipped with autonomous electric power generation, propane vaporization, zone-zero blowers, and numerous safety devices, such as gas detectors, flashback arrestors, and other safety measures.