We celebrate our 2022 Annual General Meeting taking stock of a record year

10 / 05 / 2022

Our AGM took place this Tuesday, May 10th to approve the 2021 results of the company with a net profit of €42M and sales that, for the first time, exceeded 1,000M €.

Under the motto, “2021. A year of fulfilled commitments” DOMINION has taken stock of a record year. Antón Pradera, president of DOMINION, valued DOMINION's model in a “complex ecosystem”. "We have overcome three waves thanks to an appropriate culture for moments of crisis" he assured.

Something with which Mikel Barandiaran, CEO of DOMINION, agreed: "2021 has been a complex year, where macro conditions have evolved worse than we could expect, and even so for DOMINION it has been a year of high value generation and growth" .
A complex and disruptive context in which the company has shown its resilience. This is reinforced by the results for the first quarter of 2022 also presented today with a comparable net profit of €11 million, 23% higher than in the same period in 2021.
After completing our first repurchase program and redeeming the 8.5 million shares acquired, equivalent to 5% of its capital, DOMINION has already reached more than 50% repurchase of an additional 5%.
The company thus continues with its commitment to creating value for the shareholder, by increasing its participation, which is added to the dividend distribution that this year will be €14 million. For DOMINION, the buyback also responds to a market opportunity. “At the current share price, we consider our own company to be the best capital allocation option,” says Barandiaran.
Throughout the meeting, the new remuneration policy for directors for the next 3 years and the appointment of Paula Zalduegui Egaña as dominical director were approved.