We participate in the creation of ADI (Atlantic Data Infrastructure) together with Euskaltel, Grupo Teknei and the Basque Government

19 / 09 / 2022

We will participate in the development of a first level data center to support the digital transformation of companies and institutions.

At DOMINION we have one goal: to provide technology and efficiency in a transforming world. For this reason, we recently announced our participation in the creation of the Atlantic Data Infrastructure (ADI) together with Euskaltel, Grupo Teknei and the Basque Government. A large first-class data center oriented to the private and public sector of the Atlantic area.

This new infrastructure will allow companies and institutions to have a large information storage capacity in the cloud, under criteria of maximum security and proximity, on which to develop their digital transformation processes. This data center will provide excellence, reliability, sustainability and proximity and will generate a significant economic and social impact in its area of ​​influence.

Initially, all the companies will participate with a 21.25% each and the Basque Government will do so with a 15%, although the entity was born with the desire to welcome new partners in the near future.

The project plans to carry out a first installation in the Ezkerraldea Technological Park - which will provide services from the first half of 2024 -, and later a second, and a possible third installation, in locations distributed throughout the Basque Country. Each installation will consist of two modules, of 1MW each, which will be covered progressively. Prior to that date, ADI will be able to start providing services to its clients from the second quarter of 2023 thanks to the facilities of our partner Euskaltel in the Zamudio Technology Park.

In addition to the great progress that the creation of the Data Center represents in the process of digital transformation and development of an ecosystem of digital institutions and companies, building a large data center entails additional benefits for the local economy, such as the generation of jobs and the creation of wealth in its area of ​​influence. It is estimated that the economic impact of the Data Center will exceed 3,000 million euros.

We will keep you posted!