World Day for Safety and Health at Work

27 / 04 / 2022

At DOMINION we are committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of our teams, not only as an essential compromise, but also as a differential factor in everything we do.

That is why we join this day on April 28th to reinforce our goal: 0 Accidents.

To achieve this goal in as many as 35 countries, we must ensure that each and every one of the over 10,000 people in our team, strive every day to take care of their health, which is DOMINION´s health. In short, to be the greatest exponents of DOMINION's DNA in our preventive culture. Learn about it in this video!

Winners of the X - Contractor Challenge of Enel X

All this effort is translating into results and recognitions such as the one we have just received in Peru, the X - Contractor Challenge of Enel X, in the category of "Health and Safety at Work".

This annual award, which is given for the first time this 2022, seeks to encourage continuous improvement and good practices among the strategic partners of the energy company. Specifically, the challenge has assessed responsibility, innovation, creativity, and commitment to prevention at all levels of work.

Our team has been the winner thanks to the implementation of an important strategy based on creativity and gamification with entertainment and recreational activities that have allowed them to train 100% of the workers in the field and office.

"Thanks to the creativity of the team we have been able to reach all the staff without having to invest additional hours in their days and without interrupting the performance of the work in progress, maximizing the time of action in this initiative" says Eugenio del Campo, Director of DOMINION in Peru.