Industrial Cleaning Services

A benchmark company in high-pressure water cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services
Dominion Global

Our technology allows us to perform maintenance on our customers' processing equipment through high-pressure water cleaning, wet and dry vacuuming and waste transport.


 We offer industrial cleaning services ranging from manhole vacuuming to large plant shutdown projects and plant decommissioning, in which numerous cleaning specialists may be involved.



30 combined vacuum/water jetting trucks:

  • With pump pressures of up to 800 bar
  • With flow rates of up to 105 l/min
  • Tanks with a capacity of up to 18,000 l
  • Compressors of up to 2,400 m3/h

Seven high-power jetting units:

  • Hammelmann 3,000 bar and 40 l/min jetting units
  • Woma 1,000 bar and 300 l/min jetting units

Four dry vacuuming units:

  • Wieland 6,000 m3/h units
  • Amphitec 6,000 m3/h units

High-pressure water cleaning work

  • Tanks
  • Columns & towers
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Lines & piping
  • Process equipment
  • Surface cleaning and stripping


Industrial waste vacuuming and transport

  • Vacuuming through ATEX high-power, liquid-ring compressors
  • Inflammable product vacuuming
  • Stainless steel tipping tanks
  • ADR transport

Integrated industrial cleaning and decontamination project management

  • Large-scale process plant shutdowns in all kinds of industries, especially the petrochemical industry
  • Turnkey plant decontamination, degassing and decommissioning projects