Robotic Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat exchangers extraction, transport, cleaning, and insertion services using robotic technology

Robotic Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Dominion Global

We offer heat exchanger extraction, transport, cleaning and insertion services using robotic technology. We thus cover our customers' maintenance needs safely and efficiently.


 Our customers around the world —many of which are in the petrochemical industry — are already benefitting from the advantages offered by this technology, which we pioneered in Spain.


 The heat exchanger cleaning service is especially focused on providing service during general plant stoppages, in which we ensure:

  • Commitment to safety at all levels
  • Our operation team's extensive experience
  • Implementation of the market's state-of-the-art technology in solutions for customers


Heat exchanger extraction

We use a heat exchanger extractor robot that can be mounted on a  truck or hung from a crane. In order to do so, DOMINION offers up to a total of seven extractor units: four truck-mounted extractors and three aerial extractors with the capability to extract weight of up to 35 tons.

Transport to the cleaning area

This is done through a transport system in which the heat exchanger is secured by slings and transported safely and efficiently. Four vehicles are available to transport heat exchangers.

Cleaning with robotic systems

Indoor and outdoor cleaning work with robots in which the operator works from a safe area, thereby mitigating the hazards associated  with high-pressure water cleaning. We have a capacity of three cleaning sets.

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