Waste Management

Integrated management of all kinds of industrial waste

Waste Management
Dominion Global

We have been granted hazardous waste (HW) and non-hazardous waste (NHW) management and transport authorizations which remain in force and have our own in-house self-priming equipment to transfer liquid and pasty waste from the producer to treatment facilities. 


Our extensive network of collaborators allows us to offer the best possible solution for the management of each kind of waste, while always prioritizing recycling and recovery alternatives. Moreover, we organize all waste collection logistics and take care of document management, using specific tools that facilitate fulfilment of the waste management legislation which applies. 

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We offer a customized service that enables the waste management solution to be specifically tailored to each customer's needs and advise them on their waste management's minimization and optimization options.


We provide internal control and management services for all the waste produced at each of our customers' plants. We take charge of internal removal and transfer to temporary waste storage facilities, taking responsibility for the proper classification, reconditioning, labelling, loading and dispatch to the Authorised Waste Manager.  


We develop tailored digitisation solutions for the internal management and control of the waste generated by each production line, thereby optimizing management costs and ensuring traceability at all times from the point where the waste is generated until it is dispatched to authorized external treatment.