LYNX Smart Watts

DOMINION's platform to monitor, analyze and improve the energy efficiency of industrial companies

LYNX Smart Watts
Dominion Global

We improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes

We integrate energy consumption data from different information systems to analyze and improve the efficiency of production processes and reduce production costs and the carbon footprint of companies.

Efficient energy consumption is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations and there are currently international certificates such as ISO 50001 that measure energy efficiency and consumption.

Our IoT platform, LYNX Smart Watts, allows you to measure, supervise and manage the energy consumption of plants in real time to speed up decision-making and optimize operational efficiency, a fundamental step to become a Smart Factory.


The advantages of our platform

How we do it


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  • Cost reduction

    You will be able to make decisions to reduce the energy costs in each production unit

  • Easy integration

    With existing information systems to define performance indicators and improvement objectives

  • Committed management

    With our platform you will be able to implement an Energy Management System (EMS) to become a more committed organization

  • Control the energy bill

    Avoid waste and fines due to reactive power in your installation

  • Return of investment (ROI)

    With the savings derived from the implementation of good practices, you will recover the investment in less than a year

  • Consumption saving

    The implementation of the platform allows you to obtain savings of between 10 and 20% of the total consumption of the plant

How we do it



  1. Initial study phase: analysis of the production process and study of energy consumption and contracts
  2. Definition and Deployment phase: of the hardware and software needed
  3. Implementation and maintenance phase:
    • Hardware integration on our system
    • Configuration, Parameterization and Commissioning of LYNX Smart Watts
    • Data Control and Monitoring
    • Continuous System Analysis
    • Identification and implementation of good practices and energy saving improvement projects

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Learn about the functionalities of our IoT platform and how we apply it with our clients.