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LYNX is an IoT platform designed and developed to collect, process, control and monitor important data from production lines, energy consumption and other elements of the industrial process.


DOMINION creates an innovative work model to address the challenges of the industry, always based on effective, updated information available in real time and from any place.

How we do it

  1. Monitoring: We include sensors in the production processes that we want to improve
  2. Control: We control the production process remotely and in real time
  3. Analysis: We define process control indicators (KPIs) and capture them visually
  4. Optimization: We analyze the data obtained to make better decisions and improve efficiency

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Industrial Applications

We have developed two applications to digitalize and improve the efficiency and sustainability of the industry:

LYNX Smart Watts helps companies improve energy efficiency to reduce their production costs and environmental impact.

LYNX Smart Trace allows digitalizing the entire production process and real-time traceability to make better decisions and solve errors immediately.

Learn about our solutions:

LYNX Smart Watts

A multi-plant software for the monitoring, analysis and saving of energy consumption associated with production data (KPIs)

LYNX Smart Trace

Industrial IoT platform (IIoT) to analyze and manage the production process, its traceability and the quality of the final product.

Do you want to know more about LYNX?

Learn about the functionalities of our IoT platform and how we apply it with our clients.